Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's been a while...

I forgot how to type, I was busy, I work too much...all not true but I'm just throwing out an excuse or two about why I didn't add anything to my sight!

I actually realized after putting some info in my new blogspot that I have a lot to learn about the world of Blogs. I read some other posts by other Tri bloggers and it was interesting...went back to mine, fell asleep. I was just so excited that I finished an Ironman and learnt all about the world of blogging!

So I read more than I wrote, saved us all some time.

Since Ironman Wisconsin '06 I learnt a few things. Weight is easier to put on than off. I'm a cheap drunk. And endurance slips fast, especially in the pool!

I definitley miss Ironman training. It was a part of the process to a huge goal. Each training day was one step closer and was part of the 'brick' that built an 'Ironman'.

I also found out that I'm in a better mood when I'm exercising regularly. My wife and I work together at our Dairy Queen and she even told me she liked it better when I was training...I was in a better mood. I was pretty psyched to hear that, I almost signed up for Florida '07 but held back at the last minute :(

I did however, follow a few other bloggers racing Florida this year. One in particular is more a friend/acquaintance than a blogger. Dan Morwood from Kenora, ON. Previously lived in Brandon where I reside. 8:54 finish, 1st Age Grouper, new AG course record, and the list could continue. He is such an amazing athlete and I was lucky enough to see him on as he crossed! It was so cool and I was so humbled by his finish. He works so hard and like most triathletes, still has time to help those still learning. He's a wealth of knowledge and takes time to share it when asked.

My wife and I are preparing for the PF Change Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Phoenix on January 14th. It will her first full marathon so I'm really excited to see her reach that goal!

Hope to meet and read more from everyone as the year wraps up and we start fresh in 2007! All the best to eveyone, Laird.


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Matt and I were laughing Friday night because I had ONE Hoegarden (22 oz, but STILL) and had to CUT MYSELF OFF. What is THAT?! Embarrassing! Or, a cheap date, I guess.

Good to see you back! Excited to hear how things go for AZ!

5:10 PM  

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P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon, Phoenix!