Thursday, September 14, 2006


Up at 4am. Sit in the chair in the dark eating cereal as quietly as possible. Unlike my new IronFriend Sara, I elected to not eat in the bathroom! I ate a good serving of Vector cereal and a banana. Then a shower to actually wake up. A last minute check for the bike special needs bag and make sure I have my nutrition for the bike (Hammer Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, Endurolytes and Gel) and my Fuel Belt for the run (much the same).

I met Sara in the hallway at 4:45 and we both realized this was it. We were off to try and become Ironmen. We rode in her car to Alliant Energy Centre to catch the bus over to the start. I didnt' bring any money for parking (ooops) so I had to rely on Sara to pick up the tab. Not much of a gentleman am I!

We dropped off our special needs bag and then managed to find Stu. It was cool that he was there so early. I think he was more excited than we were! I was trying to stay calm, but I think I was more nervous than I was letting on. We caught up with Tracy and off to Monona Terrace.

After body marking we went to the bikes and said "good bye" and "good luck". My bike was down at the other end and I figured it would be hard to meet up with them again.

Once inside I found a quiet spot in the Terrace and chatted briefly with other athletes as we stretched and waited to enter the swim zone.

It was about this time that I realized I screwed up and was not holding on to my dry clothes bag. I must have misplaced it. The bag I had in my hand contained my wetsuit, etc. but that doesn't do much good as it doesn't have my race number so I can't retrieve my dry clothes after the race. What a start to the day!!!!

Luckily this guy beside me had a marker so I put my number on this bag and off I went. I dropped off my dry clothes bag and was walking to the swim start when I realized I still had my shoes on. OMG! Now I know I'm more nervous than I thought. I'd have forgotten my head inside if it wasn't screwed on.

I run back and beg the volunteer to find my bag for me and put my shoes in it. She smiles and says they'll do their best. I found out after the race that she did find my bag. Another "thank you" to the volunteers for their dedication and hard work.

I also happened to find Sara and Tracy at about this point so we were reunited and walked together to swim start area. I was ready to get wet to I forged onward trying to get in the water ASAP. The line wasn't moving very fast and we had to start in about 5 minutes.

I swam over to the main area and tried to find a comfortable spot. I should have gotten wet about 10 minutes before I did. It turned out that my spot was not the greatest and I was in store for some interesting swimming...MORE TO COME!!!


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Hey!!!! Good to see ya on blogspot! :) I'm excited to add you to my list of blogs. Welcome to the club!

And I personally think bathroom eating is not too bad. ha ha ha

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