Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day before IMW!

Saturday was more of the same, get in a quick swim, an easy run and get your gear ready for drop off.

I elected to get my stuff ready in the early afternoon. I packed my transition bags and made sure the bike was ready. We headed off to Monona Terrace around 1:30 when all the UW football fans were tailgating and making their way to Camp Randall stadium for the afternoon game. My Mom has never seen this type of craziness for college sports and it was pretty cool to hear a few of them wish me luck as we made our way through the crowds.

We arrived at the terrace and dropped off the bike. It was amazing how many awesome bikes are on hand for this occasion. Then it was inside to drop off the Transition bags. Again, I was amazed at how many athletes were on hand. It's so cool that this sport has so much momentum and so many people take the ultimate Ironman challenge.

I retired back to the hotel to rest a bit and then off for supper and my mandatory Cookie Dough Blizzard from DQ!

We actually got to bed in good time and I was surprised that I fell asleep when I did. I probably got 5-6 decent hours of sleep!

Nothing left but sweet dreams of a finish line!!!


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