Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Cannon Fires!

I could hear the announcer from where I was in the water. I could just make out the clock. I was counting down the time out loud as if I was having a conversation with someone. I think it was nerves. I surveyed the area around me, lots of bodies, but it shouldn't be too bad.

BOOM! The cannon fires and I start my watch. Like a well trained trithlete I start swimming. Like those around me I'm searching for a piece of water I can settle into and find a groove. I expected quite a bit of contact but this was starting to get out of hand. There were arms everywhere, legs in front of you, arms grabbing your legs and chaos all around.

It's a pretty simple procedure, but it gets all messed up being that simple. It's like a marathon start. You can't start running until the group in front of you get's some room, so on and so on. So why does that simple logic disappear in the water?

I forged ahead trying to find some space and just started to get some when we reach the first turn. Everyone naturally goes to the inside. A guy beside is trying to get people to settle down and realize that we are all out here for a while and we'll all make it around the turn.

The backside of the first loop is when the choppy waters took affect. I felt slower and took on a bit too much water. The room got better and I figured the worst was over. Another turn, not as bad as the first or second, and I'm thinking things will be o.k. for the second loop. I feel another arm on my leg and this time my chip slides down from under my wetsuit and is now loose on my leg! I know it's held on with velcro and other swimmers are without wetsuit and have their chips loose on their leg, but I liked knowing it was secure under my suit.

Now all I can think about it the next guy grabbing my leg and accidentaly pulling my chip off! I have to apologize to anyone out there I might have kicked, but if a hand came near my leg I was protecting that chip!

The second loop was a lot better. Except I found that with more room came more drifting left and right. I'm sure I swam more yards than necessary, but overall a decent swim. Especially considering the chaotic start and choppy conditions.

I exited the swim in just under 1:15. I wanted about 1:10 so I was o.k. with what the clock read.

Now it's time to get stripped and make a dash for the bike. I found some awesome volunteers who tore my wetsuit off and had me on my way. I looked down at the heart rate just to see what was happening on the inside...173! My max is approx. 189 and I'm spiking at 173 just from a short run up to the helix. I slowed down and took a little bit more time to get my head on, at least that's what I thought I was doing. I think I left common sense at the hotel that morning as my next few minuted in T1 were about to make for a loooooong bike ride.


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Well, good thing you put on your arm warmers in T1....right? Right?

hee hee :)

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